Opening, Interval and Closing to Walt Disney Cartoon Classics Here’s Donald! VHS 1987

Published on February 24, 2017

1. Dark Red FBI Warning Screen.
2. 1986 Walt Disney Home Video Logo with Sorcerer Mickey.
3. Walt Disney Cartoon Classics Intro.
4. Wide Open Spaces Opening Credits.
5. Wide Open Spaces Few Seconds.
6. A Walt Disney Donald Duck The End Screen.
7. Baggage Buster Interval.
8. Donald’s Ostrich Opening Credits.
9. Donald’s Ostrich Few Seconds.
10. A Walt Disney Donald Duck The End Screen.
11. Mickey’s Trailer Interval.
12. Crazy With the Heat Opening Credits.
13. Crazy With the Heat Few Seconds.
14. The End A Walt Disney Production Screen.
15. Copyright Notice.

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