Slang: 13 Funny Word Mash-Ups in English

Published on January 21, 2017

Word mash-ups are slang terms made of two words to describe something in more detail. For example, “brunch” is a combination of “breakfast” and “lunch”, and it means a meal that combines both breakfast and lunch foods. In this lesson, I will teach you many common word mash-ups that native English speakers use, such as “hangry”, “skort”, “shart”, “ginormous”, “spork”, “sexting”, and more. Many of these words are so common that they are almost considered standard English vocabulary, so it is important to know them. You can even create your own word mash-ups, and maybe they will become popular! At the end of the lesson, test your knowledge by doing the quiz, and don’t forget to submit your own ideas for new word mash-ups in the comments section!


Are you ready for some mash up? Mash it up, mash it up. My name’s Ronnie. I’m going to teach you how to mash things up. What does that mean? Mash up. Do you like potatoes? And you mash them? You combine them, squish them together, put some butter… No. What? Okay, so word mash-ups, word mash-ups, slang, teaching you slang. Word mash-ups mean we take two words, mash them together, and make a whole new language for you to learn. And just when you thought you had mastered English vocabulary, we make more for you. These are fun. And by the end of this lesson, I think you can make your own word mash-ups. That’ll be fun. So, let’s get the potatoes cooking. Let’s mash up some words.

Maybe some of these words you have heard before and maybe you know them. Very, very popular word is “brunch”, but do you know what “brunch” means? “Brunch” is a word mash-up. It’s old-school, which means it’s old. “Brunch” means “breakfast” and “lunch” at the same time. So, brunch begins from whatever time you want and usually ends at about 3:00. So if you want to eat from the time you wake up until afternoon, you’re eating brunch. It’s breakfast and lunch together, so that means you get to eat all the breakfast foods and all the delicious lunch foods at one time. Glorious brunch.

Maybe you have heard this word, I personally think it’s a little overused, the word is called “chillax”. “Chill” and “relax”. If you have watched my lesson on “Chill, Chill Out”, you’re going to know that “chill” means to be calm. So, “chill” and “relax” means to be calm and relaxed. Chillax, people, everything’s going to be fine.

Bro, chillax, bro. Brah. Have you heard people say this: “brah” or “bro”? It is a slang way for usually men to greet each other. We don’t say: -“Good afternoon, Kevin. How are you today?” -“Why, I’m fine.” We say: “Brah, what’s up? Yo, bro.” for boys. So we have what’s called a “bromance”. What do you think “bromance” means? It means “bro” and “romance”, so this means that you are a man and you kind of like another guy, but you’re not gay. You just like your friend a lot.

Next one, we hear this a lot in TV. Well, all of them you’re going to hear in American TV, but this is I imagine in a TV commercial: a “staycation”. It sounds like “vacation”. So, a “staycation” means a stay-at-home vacation. This means you don’t have to go to work-yes-but you’re not travelling somewhere. Usually on vacations we travel. A staycation means you don’t go to work and you stay at home in your pajamas, watching Would you do that? Yeah. You’re doing it now.

These ones, I think, are my favourite. The first one, not very well-known, is: “vurp”. “Vurp” means “vomit” and “burp”. So, you have to burp. [Burps] Excuse me. But actually when you do that, some vomit comes up – not a good situation… I didn’t vurp, it’s fine. Not a good situation. So, maybe you’ve eaten a lot at brunch, maybe you’ve overdone it, had a little bromance at brunch and you’re eating, and you burp, but a little bit of stomach vile comes up – that’s a vurp. You don’t actually vomit, but it’s… It’s kind of close.

This one is actually quite fun and a great conversation starter. This is “shart”. “Shart” is “shit” and “fart”. It’s along the same meaning as vomit and burp, except it’s the other end. So, you think you’re going to fart… Fart means: “[makes fart noise]”. Okay? But actually, uh-oh, a little bit of poo or shit comes out. A little embarrassing. We also have a word for this is Hershey squirts. Do you know the Hershey’s kisses? Kind of the same idea there or… So, a shart is you think you’re going to fart, you’re like: “Oh, it’s safe.” [Fart noise]. Oh. You can usually see it in the person’s face.

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