“Kids Christmas Songs” 3 Hours | Rudolf, Santa Claus, Frosty & More, Children Busy Beavers

Published on December 16, 2016

Sing Along to All the Classic Christmas Songs & Carols with Busy Beavers. Kids Love our Cute, Colorful Santa Claus, Rudolph & Frosty in 3D Animation. Make this Collection Part of Your Family Holiday.

“Santa’s Number #1 Reindeer (3D) 00:00
Mr. Frost Tee (3D) 02:38
Look Out! Here’s Santa (3D) 04:55
Jingle Bells (3D) 07:45
Beavers at Christmas Time (3D) 10:42
Busy Beavers From Amazon 13:28
If You Believe in Santa Claus (3D) 15:45
Counting Reindeer 18:21
Santa Gives Presents 21:31
Doop Dap Merry Christmas (3D) 24:01
Santa’s Gonna Bring Me a Log Tonight (3D) 26:25
Santa Claus is Visiting (3D) 29:41
Busy Beavers TV Show Song 31:45
The Orange is Orange 34:34
Alphabet Phonics Level 1 Lower Case “”c”” 36:50
Twas the Night Before Christmas 39:45
Island Fruits Groove French 44:20
5 Little Monkeys 48:51
What are the Days of the Week? 50:15
Ice Cream 123s 51:46
Princess Shapes Christmas 55:41
Alphabet Phonics Level 2 Lower Case “”c”” 59:57
Animal Alphabet Song 01:01:33
5 Little Monkeys (3D) 01:03:53
Shapes Chant (3D) 01:05:54
Count ot 10 (3D) 01:08:04
Red Car (3D) 01:09:45
The 12 Days of Christmas 01:12:03
Alphabet Phonics Level 1 Upper Case “”C”” 01:16:41
5 Little Ducks (3D) 01:19:45
The Apple is Red (3D) 01:22:31
Alphabet Song (3D) 01:24:31
Look Out! Here’s Santa 01:28:07
Mr. Frost Tee 01:33:38
Alphabet Phonics Level 2 Upper Case “”C”” 01:36:10
Apples are Yummy 01:37:51
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 01:40:16
Alphabet Phonics Level 1 Lower Case “”h”” 01:43:41
The Paint is Pink French 01:46:02
Take A Bath 01:48:02
The Potty Party Song 01:51:48
Humpty Dumpty 01:54:38
Months of the Year Chant 01:57:14
Counting with Cheese 01:59:31
Incy Wincy Spider 02:01:08
I’m a Little Tea Pot 02:03:17
Finger Family Beavers 02:06:37
Alphabet Phonics Level 1 Upper Case “”H”” 02:07:39
Family Song 02:09:54
Stevie Steamer 02:11:42
Wheels on the Bus Red 02:15:49
Colors Chant (3D) 02:18:07
Wheels on the Bus (3D) 02:20:16
Electric Colors (3D) 02:22:01
Counting to 30 (3D) 02:23:51
Brush your Teeth 02:27:43
Alphabet Phonics Level 2 Lower Case “”h”” 02:30:04
Princess Colors Black White Brown 02:31:45
English Level 1 Number 1 – 100 02:34:22
5 Little Ducks 02:40:18
The Paint is Pink 02:43:07
Animal Sounds 02:45:09
Alphabet Phonics Level 2 Upper Case “”H”” 02:48:36
Shapes Chant French 02:50:07
In On Under 02:52:07
Christmas Yule Log Fireplace by Busy Beavers 02:58:27″

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