What’s In The Christmas Bag? Song with Matt | Toys and Snakes? | Learn English Kids

Published on November 29, 2016

Oh, look! Santa left his Christmas bag. Let’s have a look inside! Join Matt, Tunes, and Bell in this funny look into Santa’s Christmas bag. We will find toy cars, dolls, baseball bats, and a spider? That’s not a toy! Let’s learn Christmas vocabulary for kids in this fun song. Be sure to sing-along and challenge as it gets faster!

Original song by Matt.

What’s in the bag? (x2)
It’s a robot, it’s a robot
What’s in the bag? (x2)
It’s a doll, it’s a doll
What’s in the bag? (x2)
It’s a toy snake, it’s a toy snake
That’s not a toy!
(Repeat lyrics with the following vocabulary: toy car, ball, toy spider
toy train, baseball bat, toy beetle )

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Song and video copyright 2016 Dream English.

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