Disn. Christmas Winter Collection mix from Classic Cartoons

Published on November 6, 2016

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Series of animated films:
1) Toy Tinkers – Chip and Dale are awoken from hibernation to the nearby sounds of Donald Duck chopping down a pine tree. They follow Donald, as he is singing “Jingle Bells”, to his house where they spy on him setting up his Christmas tree. Seeing all the presents under the tree, especially the nuts, they decide to break into his house and start stealing the nuts. As they are loading up nuts, Dale runs into a few misadventures with the toys. Upon running back into Chip, he gets slapped back into reality.
2) 0:07:07 – Rescue Dog – Pluto, as the title says, is a rescue dog in the frozen north. But when he tangles with a baby seal, it turns out that he is the one who needs to be rescued.
3) 0:13:32 – Donald’s Snow Fight – After getting Donald’s dander up in a sledding “accident”, it’s all out snow-war between Donald and his nephews.
4) 0:20:23 – Corn Chips – Donald tricks Chip ‘n’ Dale into shoveling his snowy sidewalk, so the chipmunks decide to get their own back with Donald ending up shoveling popcorn.
5) 0:33:13 – Chip an’ Dale
6) 0:39:30 – Cold Storage – In the dead of winter, Pluto has to fight a stork who has taken over his nice warm doghouse.
7) 0:45:46 – Hockey Homicide
8) 0:53:01 – Dumbell of the Yukon – Donald heads to the Yukon Territory to hunt up a fur coat for Daisy.
9) 0:59:13 – Polar Trappers – The “Donald and Goofy Trapping Co.” Donald tries to catch himself a penguin supper while Goofy tries to “bring ’em back alive.”
10) 1:06:57 – Lend a Paw – Pluto is sniffing around outside when he hears a noise. It’s coming from a bag floating on an ice flow in a creek. Pluto rescues it, then loses interest when it turns out to be a kitten. The kitten follows him home and Mickey takes a liking to it, much to Pluto’s disgust…
11) 1:14:43 – Squatter’s Rights – The chipmunks Chip and Dale wake up one winter morning inside the wood stove they have made their home. The stove is located in Mickey Mouse’s hunting shack (called “Mickey’s Hydout”) which appears to have been unoccupied for a while. Soon, Mickey and Pluto arrive for the hunting season.
12) 1:21:28 – The Hockey Champ – Donald “The Hockey Champion of Duck Swamp” plays a game of hockey with his nephews. But his constant showing off leads to his downfall.
13) 1:28:39 – Donald’s Penguin – Donald receives a strange gift: Tootsie, a baby penguin, who turns out to be more trouble than she is worth.

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