The Magic School Bus S03 E09 & E10 “Works Out” – “Gets Planted”

Published on November 4, 2016

The Magic School Bus S03 E09 & E10 “Works Out” – “Gets Planted”

The Magic School Bus is a Canadian/American Saturday morning animated children’s television series, based on the book series of the same name by Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen. It is notable for its use of celebrity talent and combining entertainment with an educational series. Broadcasting & Cable said the show was “among the highest-rated PBS shows for school-age children.” On June 10, 2014 Scholastic Media announced that it will be releasing an all-new CG animated series inspired by the original show, entitled “The Magic School Bus”.

“Works Out”
At this year’s Teacherathalon, Ms. Frizzle is competing against Mr. Sinew, the gym teacher with giant muscles. Janet (from Gets Lost in Space, Butterfly And The Bog Beast, Gets A Bright Idea, and Goes Upstream) shows up again and supports Mr. Sinew (Dan Marino). The class is convinced that there is no way Ms. Frizzle can beat someone who can destroy shirts simply by flexing his muscles. Ralphie wants to know what lungs have to do with how your muscles work, so they go on a field trip inside the Friz herself.

“Gets Planted”
The class is performing a play of Jack and the Beanstalk. As Phoebe gets stage fright, she decides to make the props. However, there is problem with the beanstalk: She tried to grow a real one, but it did not work; so she tried to build one, but that did not work either. Naturally, the Friz turns her into a bean plant and Phoebe becomes shorter than Liz. However, no one is sure how plants get food.

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