First Words #16 POLICE CAR | Learning 6 Emergency & Street Vehicles | Learn English Kids with Matt

Published on June 29, 2016

Hi! Learn how to spell POLICE CAR and learn 6 kinds of Emergency and Street Vehicles including a cool Garbage Truck! Join Matt, Tunes, and Bell as they learn a new word! What’s the surprise word? Be sure to jump, dance, and clap with Matt. Get ready, here we go! Learn a word, and learn how to spell! A Monster! Run, run, run! I hope the Police Car can catch the monster! Wow! Is that Tunes in a Monster Truck? Learn with real vehicle footage!

Learn how to say police car, fire truck, ambulance, dump truck, garbage truck, medical helicopter, and monster truck in English.

More Songs in this Video:

03:42 What Do You Hear? Elephant, Helicopter, Crocodile
06:10 What Do You See? Song 3D Animation
07:34 Where Are You Going? Song

Song lyrics:

First words, first words
Let’s learn a word!

Original Song by Matt and Video Dream English Kids.

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