Magic School Bus Solar System jokes and outtakes

Published on February 21, 2016

While playing with some extraction software that I downloaded, I tried it on my copy of “The Magic School Bus visits the Solar System”, and lo and behold, I was able to extract each and every sound clip used in the game.

While reading thru each students’ reports, there is a yellow star somewhere on one of the pages. When clicked, it turns into either a male or female comedian, who proceeds to tell a joke, usually related to the topic of the report.

This time, I was greeted with a pleasant surprise when I played the extracted clips: not only was each joke included, but also OUTTAKES! I found extra jokes, joke attempts, comments, and just plain chuckles from each of the voice actors. And now you can hear them too! Enjoy!

Earth – 0:18
Jupiter – 0:52
Mars – 1:25
Mercury – 1:59
Moon – 2:22
Neptune – 2:48
Pluto – 3:22
Saturn – 4:00
Sun/Solar system – 4:37
Uranus – 5:07
Venus – 5:42
Outtakes – 6:20

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