Mickey Mouse Starring in “Mickey’s Garden” – Disney Cartoon Classics

Published on December 15, 2015

Mickey Mouse Starring in “Mickey’s Garden” – Disney Cartoon Classics.This cartoon shows the insects have completely taken over Mickey’s garden. He spritzes them with insecticide, but runs out and they keep feasting. He mixes a new batch. Meanwhile, Pluto stalks a bug and gets his head stick in a pumpkin. He stumbles around and bumps into Mickey and the sprayer, giving Mickey a faceful of bug juice. He awakens to a warped reality, where the bugs and plants are giant sized, and the bugs get drunk on the insecticide and chase our heroes. (Plot summary from IMDb)

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The Walt Disney Cartoon Classics was a series of cartoon compilations from Disney. It was one of their first attempts to put cartoons on home video, after Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck Cartoon Collections. Thanks for watching!

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