Magic School Bus in Power Rangers in Space

Published on November 10, 2015

I made The Magic School Bus in Power Rangers in Space with Ms. Frizzle’s class because the rangers look like the older version of Ms. Frizzle’s class from The Magic School Bus. Tim returns to the Power Rangers and became the Red Ranger once again and leads the way. When they’re ready to morph, Tim says “Let’s rocket!” Carlos becomes the blue ranger once again, Arnold becomes the black ranger once again. Arnold’s cousin Janet kidnaps Dorothy Ann and made her become evil ruler Astronema. The space rangers must defeat Janet and Astronema to free Carlos’ girlfriend Dorothy Ann.

The Space Rangers:
Keesha Franklin as Michelle Wheeler
Wanda Li as Valerie Burns
Tim Jamal as Randy Green
Arnold Perlstein as Jason Ward
Carlos Ramon as Darren Taylor

The villains:
Dorothy Ann Nelson as Astronema

The citizens:
Phoebe Terese as Sharon Ward

Babs and Buster Bunny decided to go back to Acme Acres to spend more time with their friends in Tiny Toon Adventures when Power Rangers in Space came on with The Magic School Bus who takes off in outer space because they remember that as one of Ms. Frizzle’s favorite field trips.

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