Pink Panther Cartoon – Bicep Beach -Segment 4 .flv

Published on October 28, 2015

The Pink Panther spends the day at Bicep Beach, arriving on his motorcycle. With him is a suitcase full of strange inflatable items, including muscles, weights, a swimming pool, waterskis, and balloon animals. Observing all of this is an egotistical strongman flexing his muscles for a group of bathing beauties. The panther quietly manages to steal the attention of the ladies away from the muscleman, who tries in vain to maintain his “good looking guy on the beach” status.
The storyline of Come On In! The Water’s Pink is similar to the 1961 Zagreb Films animated short, Ersatz.
The Pink Panther Show contained a laugh track when the Pink Panther cartoons were broadcast on NBC-TV. Currently, the laugh-tracked version airs on the Spanish language Boomerang TV channel.

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