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Published on October 6, 2015


Happy Halloween! Here is a FUNtastic halloween story for your kids. Let us know that you like this children’s story by subscribing to our channel, liking the video, and commenting below! This Halloween story is NOT scary, and could also work as a bedtime story for kids.

My Hungry Pet Ghost

I have a pet ghost
He’s hungry all the time
he turned bright yellow
when he ate some lemon pie.

He ate a bowl of cherries
and turned cherry red
He turned light brown
When he ate a loaf of bread

It makes me laugh
when he eats ice cream
Chocolate turns him brown
Mint turns him green

He loves putting sprinkles
on a scoop of vanilla
Can you guess what he look like?
It’s pretty silly, yeah.

Grapes make him purple
Strawberries make him pink
Oranges turn him orange
and Blueberries … What do you think?

He ate a bowl spinach
with cucumbers and peas
Then we went outside
to play hide and seek

He stood by a bush
and blended right in
needless to say
He always wins.

I have a pet ghost.
He’s hungry all the time.
We have a love fun.
I’m glad that he is mine.

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