The Magic School Bus Explores in the Age of Dinosaurs Official Trailer (1996, Microsoft/Scholastic)

Published on September 27, 2015

True fact: Dinosaurs make everything better. Learning about Dinosaurs is never boring.

The Magic School Bus is an edutainment multimedia franchise that consists of a book series, a TV series, and several video games among other things. Each of the stories within the franchise centers on the antics of a fictional elementary school teacher, Ms. Valerie Frizzle, and her class, who board an anthropomorphic Type A school bus, which takes them on field trips to impossible locations, such as the solar system, clouds, the past, and the human body. The class pet Liz, a lizard, accompanies the class on their field trips.

The first book in the series was released July 24th, 1986.

The Television series ran for 4 seasons and premiered in 1994.

The computer game series published by Microsoft ran from 1994 to 2000.

Netflix is also working on a new 26 episode 3D animated series as well!

This game is based on the book The Magic School Bus in the Time of the Dinosaurs and the TV episode The Magic School Bus : The Busasaurus. Ms. Frizzle is missing three photographs from her photo album of her last trip to the age of dinosaurs and the user has to find replacements. There are seven different places, including “Jurassic Colorado” and “Triassic Argentina”. Different from the book and the TV episode-The Magic School Bus: The Busasaurus, the Bus transforms into three different dinosaurs: Coelophysis for the Triassic Period, Stegosaurus for the Jurassic Period, and Pteranodon for the Cretaceous Period. This game has very elaborate CGI forms for the bus. Although the classroom location song has changed in the following games, the game’s classroom location song is the same as The Magic School Bus Explores Inside the Earth, but had added more rhythm in between. Also, in this game the user can replace previously saved data on one of the files when all 6 have already been saved.

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