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Published on September 23, 2015

Funtastic TV

Check out this awesome new children’s song! We can all be everyday heroes by doing little good things each day! This is a fun Preschool song but also works for older kids. Its great for teaching children values.

We hope your children enjoy it! Some of our other favorite YouTube Channels are: Little Baby Bum, Sesame Street, and Super Simple Songs!

Verse 1
You don’t need a cape and mask
You don’t need to run super fast
You don’t need fly and touch the sky
to be a hero.

The only power that you need
Is inside every human being
If we let our power shine
we can change the world

one smile at a time. We’ll be…

Everyday Heroes
Say something kind each day
Everyday Heroes
Share your things when you play
Everyday Heroes
The little things we do each day
Everyday Heroes
Can make the world a better place

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