The Magic School Bus Explores the human body animation cutscenes compilation

Published on September 20, 2015

Inspired by Phoebius4926, I, Thekinggamelon, introduce you to my compilation of all animation cutscenes of The Magic School bus: Explores the human body!
This cutscenes comes from the original game in FULL SCREEN! How did I did that? It’s simple, I used Camtasia 7 on Windows 7 with Virtual PC and Windows 98 to record the nimations, due that Windows XP, vista and 7 crashes everytime you try to test the full screen to the animation, and forces you to watch it on a small screen, sucks, right?
But still, the rest of the game runs perfectly! Please take notince, this does NOT contains rick rolls, so don’t worry about it, okay?
Also, two cutscenes are missing, I’m sorry couldn’t record it, but if anyone would like to help me get 2 missing cutscenes, please do, I’ll apreciate it! Comment and rate! If you would like to suscribe, would nbe nice, but, I recomend not to do it, I may not uploading more videos, okay? I made an updated version of this video, now it has the missing cutscenes not presented here, in addition of the music as you originally hear during the cutscenes, click here to see the updated version:
To see Phoebius4926’s channel and the many songs of this game, go here:
I do not own all the music, sound effects, animations, etc. It’s all property of Microsoft and Music Pen

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