A Fun way to Learn English Words for Children

Published on April 8, 2015

A Fun way to Learn English Words for Children
Here is the simple collection of videos for english learning and spellings for your children, it will help and improve your kids ability to spell and speak the easy english words. Learn basic English words in a fun way – Learn 17 new words in this video.

HooplaKidz SpellWell videos collection can guide your kids through 17 everyday words and help them learn English in a fast and fun way.

HooplaKidz presents to you a special educational series for children in order to teach a kid english words spelling and make them love english. These videos are perfect for preschool, kindergarten and lower elementary age kids.

“Colorful and Fun way to Learn Spelling of 17 English Words”

1. How to spell – Apple
2. How to spell – Banana
3. How To Spell – Ball
4. How to spell – Fish
5. How to spell – Parrot
6. How to spell – Dog
7. How to spell – Tree
8. How to spell – Bear
9. How to spell – Bee
10. How To Spell – Carrot
11. How to Spell – Ants
12. How to spell – Butter
13. How to spell – Book
14. How to spell – Pencil
15. How to spell – Sheep
16. How to spell – Lion
17. How to Spell – Camel


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