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Published on November 20, 2014

Binkie TV – Toy | Baby Videos | For Kids
Binkie TV is an educational channel for kids.
This is our episode called ‘Toy’ with new music and sounds
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This episode, we will show your baby a colorful toy.
The toy has four colorful keys and a hole.
Our magic toy will show you four hidden popular toys.
Those toys are: a colorful ball, a pinwheel, a teddy bear and a rubber duck.

Welcome to YouTube video! is a new educational baby TV channel on YouTube
We would love to present you our web TV for babies.
In every short episode Magic Chest will create new toys (e.g. wooden train set) or characters (e.g. snowman).
Those toys and characters are the most common objects your baby should recognize.
Objects will be slowly built of colorful shapes. It will be expanding your baby’s imagination.
Forklift called Forky and Chopper called Choppy will teach your baby and make him laugh.
Train, shape sorter, flowers, balls, xylophone, pinwheel, phone are just a few examples of toys your baby will discover by watching
Each episode is a 3d animation designed for educational purpose. The tempo is slow and suitable for a baby. The camera movement is very slow and calm. The animation takes place in a baby room with flowery wallpaper. In the room we can find some objects and toys baby should recognize. The camera is often flying around the room and revealing new objects from backgound like a teddy bear, a bed, a duck toy or a rocking horse.
Have fun!

Marcin Pietras
Grzegorz Pietras

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