Learn about Shapes with Shawn’s Roller Coaster Adventure! (Learn 15 2D and 3D shapes)

Published on April 23, 2014

Help Shawn The Train build a giant roller coaster using 2d and 3d shapes! Your child will also see Benny The Bullet Train bringing 2d shapes and Donald The Diesel bringing 3d shapes. Also in this cartoon your child will see helicopters that help unload the trains, cranes – one of them will put Shawn on a cool roller coaster ride, railroad crossing signs, traffic lights, etc. Great interaction with some 3d shapes when they accidentally get dropped, helping your child to see shapes from different angles.

– Learn 15 2D and 3D shapes!
– Each shape is repeated at least 3 times in a fun way.
– Shapes are outlined with bright green and red colors to see
the difference between 2d and 3d shapes
– Cool roller coaster ride
– Cartoon shows 3 different trains, helicopters, cranes, etc.
– Great sound effects
– Engaging educational media


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