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Published on April 27, 2013

Now We’re Dancing, popular children’s dance song from the DVD, “All Aboard” and the CD, “Children Love to Song and Dance.”
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Now We’re Dancing, is a popular children’s dance song. This action kids song is great for brain breaks, group activities, circle time and physical fitness. It’s ideal for preschool, kindergarten and lower elementary.

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THE LEARNING STATION is a multi-award-winning children’s group. With combined backgrounds and degrees in early childhood education, child development and music, this trio, has achieved international stature as leaders in the children’s educational music industry. They presently have a collection of 29 award-winning audio and video releases and they have published over 350 children’s songs that are part of educational curriculums world-wide. They are widely recognized for their international hit song, “Tony Chestnut”.
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Now We’re Dancing
From the CD, “Children Love to Sing and Dance”
By The Learning Station

℗© Copyright Monopoli/The Learning Station
“Now We’re Dancing”
Hi everybody we’re the Learning Station and we’re gonna slide right in the water and do the swim. Swim to the right, swim to the left. Swim in the middle, but don’t you get wet. We’re doing the swim, jump in, hold your nose we’re going under. Now do the backstroke.
That was great! I got another dance we could try. Just twist with your hips. Ready, cause it goes like this. Twist your hips high, twist your hips low, twist them in the middle and twist them in a row. We’re doing the twist. I like it like this. Let’s twist right down to the ground. Lower, lower, keep twisting. Now up. That’s it, the twist!
Okay everybody, now I feel like getting funky. Get down and do the Monkey. Fist over fist, just like this. Now we’re getting funky. Get down and do the Monkey. Do it fast. It’s a blast. Dancing now we’re dancing.
Arms out to the side, you’ve got two wings. It’s a dance they call the Fly. What fun it brings, it’s a crazy thing. The Fly. My, my, my do the Fly. Oh yeah, flap those wings. We’re taking off now, yeah!
Do the Mashed Potatoes, a dance that can’t be beat. You know it is the greatest, mashing with your feet. The Mashed Potatoes, it’s the greatest, the latest. The Mashed Potatoes, now mash! Do the Swim, do the Twist, do the Monkey, do the Fly, Mash Potatoes. Dancing, now we’re dancing, yeah!

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