Christmas Songs for Children – It’s Christmas Day

Published on October 11, 2012

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It’s Christmas Day is one of the modern Christmas songs for children that tell the true meaning of Christmas. Sung by the Balfron Christmas Stars from Balfron Primary School, Scotland, this simple christmas song for children puts the Christmas story into musical form, telling of Jesus’ birth in the manger, the visit of the shepherds and the Wise Men: It is a praise and worship song that celebrates the birth of Jesus and tells us that this is the real reason to be thankful on Christmas Day.

When first released, this piece of Christmas music received a huge amount of radio airplay from all over the country, being featured on both Commercial Radio as well as both BBC Radio and TV. “It’s Christmas Day” has been one of the most popular children’s Christmas songs to be released in recent times, with its popularity leading to the recording of a number of other versions, all very different from the original. To see just how diverse the recordings are, visit to listen to a version of the song recorded by international vocalist Marri Nallos. As we’re sure you’ll agree, her stunning, soulful voice creates a beautiful alternative version of this Christmas song.

This is a video of It’s Christmas Day with lyrics, meaning that children and adults alike can sing along with the Balfron Primary School choir in this fantastic celebration of the Christmas story.

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Christmas song lyrics:

A baby boy was born one day
In a stable far away
He nestled in a manger bed
On straw he laid his tiny head

(Chorus) It’s Christmas Day all over Earth
Let the bells ring out for Jesus’s birth

The shepherds came from near and far
Guided by a lonely star
The Wise men travelled night and day
To Bethlehem where Jesus lay

(Chorus) It’s Christmas Day all over Earth
Let the bells ring out for Jesus’s birth

They looked upon that infant face
Saviour for the human race
So every year on Christmas Day
We’ll thank dear God in our own way

(Chorus) It’s Christmas Day all over Earth
Let the bells ring out for Jesus’s birth.

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