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Published on July 18, 2012 Watch My secret team and read along to the story with the words on the screen.

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My secret team words for the story:

“Can you keep a secret? I had to for a long, long time. My family were all Boxton Town fans, but I supported a different team — Boxton Rovers.”

“It was very hard being different. I had to be very good at pretending when both teams played each other.”

“I couldn’t cheer when my team scored. I had to go the bathroom and celebrate there.”

“I couldn’t be sad when the other team scored.”

“I could only have my team’s posters on my bedroom wall when I was alone.”

“If someone came to my room, I had to be quick to change how it looked.”

“I had to have a secret wardrobe too. I hid my favourite team’s clothes behind the other team’s.”

“Birthdays were terrible too. I always got football gifts for the wrong team. But then my life changed.”

“A billionaire bought both clubs in my town and made one big team — Boxton United.”

“Now I can relax and enjoy all the matches with my family. I go to the bathroom a lot less now too.”

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